Thursday, November 12th, 2015

FREE 45-49 Year Old’s Health Check

North Mitcham Clinic is committed to constantly improving our patients health and finding new and innovative ways to prevent chronic diseases in our client base. The clinic now offers full health checks to those aged 45-49 years that have a risk factor of developing a chronic disease. These health checks have produced great results in the early diagnosis and management of conditions, as well as giving patients reassurance and education to take an active role in their own health. By being aware of our risks, we can then better manage our health and take action to avoid chronic diseases.

Risk factors are very common in our demographics, these risk factors can include;

-Smoker/ex smoker

-Poor diet

-Lack of excersise

-unhealthy weight range

-A family history of chronic disease (if a parent/grandparents had Diabetes, heart conditions etc.)

-high blood pressure

-high cholesterol

The health check is bulk billed – there are no out of pocket costs for the health check.

The health check is a 45 minute appointment with our practice nurse, followed by 15 minutes or 30 minutes with your usual doctor.

If you think you are eligible and would like to have this free health check, please ring the clinic on 9842 2555 and tell the receptionist you are booking a ’45-49 year old’s health check’ – this will ensure the appropriate booking length and type is entered. You will be required to complete a questionnaire prior to the health check, and bring it with you to the appointment. The receptionist can post these to you, or you are welcome to come in and collect them.

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