Getting Results

Patients are generally responsible for following up their results.

At North Mitcham Clinic, our receptionist team will ring patients with urgent or non-urgent results to book an appointment.

Patients are encouraged to ring the clinic to check for results, they are usually available 3 days after having the test. A receptionist can tell you whether you need an urgent appointment, a non-urgent appointment or whether the doctor has deemed it all okay and you don’t need a review appointment. Please remember that for any further questions or discussion, you need to make a review appointment with your doctor.

Legally, if a child is older than 16 years, details of their results cannot be disclosed to the parent without patient’s consent which should be recorded in the clinical notes.

Please ensure that you advise us of any change to your contact details.

To see if you need to book a review appointment regarding results, you can ring us on  9842 2555 Monday to Friday preferably between the hours of 1pm – 2pm. Monday – Friday.